Job Detail
This job is no longer available.
Position: Maintenance Mechanic Category: Industrial
City: State :
Branch Name: Industrial PA Dress Code:
Branch Phone: ( ) - Job ID: 45575
Pay Information: Order Type: TE
Skills/ Qualifications Job Requirements
1. Able to work with AC & DC voltages softly. 1. Be able to work a 5 1/2 day work week as a normal week.
2. Can use a "Multi meter".   If production dictates, may need to work 6.5 days until production 
3. Can change out electric motors and correctly  is fulfilled.
apply proper wiring.   2. Keep work area and work techniques in a safe organized manner.
4. Can do basic electrical trouble shooting. i.e.- find 3. Provide own tools. Will replace if broken or stolen. Log will be 
open circuits, short circuits, bad components. kept. Frankford may provide   specialized items as 
Diagnose bad motor or drive.   deemed necessary.
5. Can recognize and wire accordingly single and  At that time signature will be necessary for accountability.
triple phase items.   4. Normal work day hours will be 8.5 including lunch.
6. Familiar with electronic sensors. i.e.- Photoeyes, 5. If situation is warranted, it will be necessary to come off of break 
prox switches, timers. PLC experience helpful. or lunch if a need arises.
7. Familiar with starters and overloads.   6. Able to work overtime if necessary with minimal amount of notice.
8. Can interpret schematics.  
  7. Able to work other shifts on a temporary basis if necessary.
Shop Vocational Skills   8. Must adhere to all safety practices in all areas.
1. Able to work with basic shop tools. i.e.- Band saw, 9. Adhere to all company policies.
power drills(hand & press), hand grinder ect., ect.. 10. Consider self as part of a team, not as a sole member.
2. Can fabricate or modify necessary item to restore 11. Communicate with fellow team members appropriate turnover items
compensate to working order within reason. i.e.- drill &   on a daily basis.
tap, basic weld, redesign, modify physical dimensions. 12. Communicate with supervision any needs or concerns that will
3. Familiar  working with all types hand tools effectively.  interfere with maint service
4. Familiar with all types of pneumatic components. for production. i.e.- parts needed, scheduled time in,
5. Familiar with various types of conveyor systems 13. Submitting ideas to "Better" any area of maintenance.
and able to adjust for proper belt tracking.   14. Be actively involved in company's PM/CM program on a daily basis
6. Can interpret shop prints.  
  15. Perform any other duties or tasks management deems necessary 
Intellectually   to keep forward flow of company production.
1. Able to read and write English.   16. Can work with some or no supervision concerning scope of job.
2. Can do basic math.   17. Self motivating.
3. Can use standard scale and familiar with metric. 18. Can stand on feet for entire shift if necessary.
4. Can understand English language and speak. 19. Able to maneuver in awkward positions safely but effectively.
5. Can systematically troubleshoot and restore to 20. Able to physically handle 20 + lbs safely.
working order while maintaining a calm demeanor.
6. Be somewhat familiar with production line mechanic  Daily Duties                
atmosphere.   1. Do what it takes to keep down time to near "Zero" percent on a daily basis.    
7. Be part of a "Running Inventory Control" system 2. Keep all pertinent machinery in safe,consistante, efficient operating condition.      
by notifying and reporting accurate figures.   3. Communicate daily thouroly with management and oncoming shift mechanic any pertinent information.
8. Can adapt to a computer controlled inventory  4. Maintain parts inventory and report any needs.            
system when needed.   5. Keep daily wear parts and change parts in "Ready to Go " condition at all times.    
  6. Keep any work area in safe and clean status.            
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  This job is no longer available.